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The /ʤ/ Sound

TongueRaise the middle part of your tongue towards the hard palate, which is the bony ridge in the roof of your mouth, just behind your front teeth. At the same time, lower the back of your tongue towards the floor of your mouth.
LipsKeep your lips relaxed and slightly open.
JawKeep your jaw slightly open and relaxed.
TeethKeep your teeth slightly apart.
AirBuild up some pressure behind your tongue by briefly stopping the airflow with the tip of your tongue against the hard palate. Then, release the air by quickly pulling your tongue back from the hard palate.
Vocal ChordsStart vibrating your vocal cords just as you release the burst of air. This produces a voiced sound.

Examples of words with the /ʤ/ sound

Pronounced by Salli

Pronounced by Joanna

Pronounced by Ivy