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The word 'burrough' has 2 syllables.

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Sound by Sound American English Phonetic Pronunciation of the word 'Burrough'

Practicing the sound by sound pronunciation table of the word 'Burrough' will help you improve your spoken American English.

#2: /b/
LipsThe lips start together. Then they separate.
TeethThere is a small gap between the teeth.
AirFirst, the air stops. Then, it flows.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords vibrate.
#3: /ɜ/
TongueThe middle part of the tongue lifts towards the roof of the mouth in the middle. The front of the tongue hangs down. But it does not touch anything.
LipsThe corners of the lips come in, pushing the lips away from the face.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords vibrate.
#4: /r/
TongueThe tongue forms an arch near the roof of the mouth. It does not touch any part of the mouth.
AirThe air flows through a narrow space in your mouth.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords vibrate.
#5: /o/
TongueThe back of the tongue raises above the middle of the mouth.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords vibrate.
#6: /ʊ/
TongueThe back of the tongue lifts towards the back of the roof of the mouth.
LipsThe lips flare.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords vibrate.

Try this Exciting 'burrough' Tongue Twister Challenge

Burrough the Burrough, bippity boppity boo, He bounced and he burbled, through the neighborhood he flew. From Boston to Brooklyn, he bounced with glee, Burrough the Burrough, the bouncy busy bee. He jumbled and stumbled, his burps turned to laughs, Tickling and giggling, creating joyful crafts. Bouncing off buildings, like a burrough in a blur, His energy endless, this bouncing burrough. But one fateful day, as he bounced out of sight, Burrough the Burrough, got the biggest fright. He bounced into a barn, filled with chickens and hay, Swirling and twirling, he had lost his way. The chickens clucked and clucked, as Burrough did his tricks, They laughed and they cackled, kicked up a whirlwind of kicks. Burrough the Burrough, in a chicken-crazed stew, Couldn't stop laughing, his face turning blue. From burps to laughter, the barn was alive, The chickens joined in, doing a jive. Burrough the Burrough, the bouncing sensation, Spreading joy and laughter throughout the nation. So if you're feeling down, and need a little cheer, Just remember Burrough, and his bouncing career. Let the laughter burst forth, like a bubbly burp, And you'll be as joyful as Burrough, the bouncing twerp!

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