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The word 'kennedy' has 3 syllables.

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Sound by Sound American English Phonetic Pronunciation of the word 'Kennedy'

Practicing the sound by sound pronunciation table of the word 'Kennedy' will help you improve your spoken American English.

#2: /k/
TongueThe back part of the tongue reaches up and touches the soft palate, cutting off the air. The tongue pulls away and the air flows.
LipsThe lips position to adjust the sound that comes next.
AirAir passes through the mouth. First, the air stops. Then, it flows.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords do not vibrate.
#3: /ɛ/
TongueThe tongue tip touches the back of the bottom front teeth. The middle part of the tongue arches up towards the roof of the mouth.
JawThe jaw drops.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords vibrate.
#4: /n/
TongueYour tongue is against the ridge behind the top teeth.
AirThe air flows through the nose.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords vibrate.
#5: /ə/
TongueThe tongue remains forward and relaxed.
LipsThe lips relax.
JawThe jaw drops.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords vibrate.
#6: /d/
TongueThe tongue comes up. The front part touches the roof of the mouth behind the top teeth. Then it pulls down to release the air.
TeethThe teeth are together. Then they separate.
AirFirst, the air stops. Then it flows.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords vibrate.
#7: /ɪ/
TongueThe tongue raises high in the mouth. It moves to the front of the mouth. Then the tip of the tongue moves behind the bottom front teeth. The tongue remains relaxed in the front of the mouth.
LipsThe lips separated and relaxed.
JawThe jaw drops and the mouth opens a little bit.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords vibrate.

Try this Exciting 'kennedy' Tongue Twister Challenge

Kooky Kennedy went kayak kayaking, Cackling and clapping, constantly shaking, Skipping and sliding, slyly sneaking, Kennedy's comical antics were streaking. With a flip and a flop, she flew through the air, Kicking up chaos, without a care, Twirling and twirling, she toppled and twanged, Kennedy, the trickster, triumphantly sang. She zigged and she zagged with zany delight, Bouncing and boinging, filled with pure sprite, From Connecticut to California, her fame spread, The hilarious tale of Kennedy's mischievous tread. So let's raise a toast to this unforgettable name, Kennedy, the Queen of comic fame, May her antics continue to bring us cheer, With laughter and joy ringing loud and clear!

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