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Pronounced by Kendra

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Sound by Sound American English Phonetic Pronunciation of the word 'Sweet'

Practicing the sound by sound pronunciation table of the word 'Sweet' will help you improve your spoken American English.

#2: /s/
TongueThe tongue is behind the teeth.
TeethThe teeth remain clenched.
AirThe air flows through the tip of the tongue towards the edge of the teeth.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords do not vibrate.
#3: /w/
TongueThe back of the tongue reaches up high in the back. It does not touch the soft palate. The front part of the tongue remains forward. It touches the bottom front teeth.
LipsThe lips form a rounded shape. They move away from the face.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords vibrate.
#4: /i/
TongueThe tongue is tense and rises high. Then it moves to the front of the mouth. The tip of the tongue is low and behind the bottom front teeth.
LipsThe lips are tense and wide.
JawThe jaw drops, opening the mouth a little.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords vibrate.
#5: /t/
TongueThe tongue will come up. The front part will touch the roof of the mouth behind the top teeth. Then it will pull down to release the air.
TeethThe teeth are together. Then they separate.
AirAir passes through the mouth. First, the air stops. Then, it flows.
Vocal ChordsThe vocal cords do not vibrate.

Examples of sentences with the word 'sweet'

I just ate a whole cake and now my toothache is pretty sweet!

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Swimming swiftly in the sweet stream, Sally snatches six slippery striped salmon.

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